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Tudor Lodge Consultants is thrilled to welcome Daniel Tannenbaum to the team

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Tudor Lodge Consultants is very excited to announce the arrival of new recruit Daniel Tannenbaum to head up the Digital Marketing of the company.

Long serving employee Mike said: “We are all very excited about getting Daniel on board. The guy is a like a son to me and I trust he will indeed add value. Whilst he is technically related to me and the rest of the staff, we are very excited to have some new blood in the office.”

The former Deputy Head Boy of Immanuel College and ping pong enthusiast said: “I am really excited about working at TLC. I have adapted quickly to the surroundings and the place already feels like home. The energy is great here. The place is exceptionally clean and you’ll never find shoes lying in the entrance hall. There are also some serious perks to this new job including a free parking space and free dental plan.”

Daniel has been practising online marketing for over 5 years since he started building and managing websites whilst at University. Following work placements at Wonga, Wizzcash and Graphical Agency, Daniel has also created and sold a number of websites in his spare time. He offers a lot of expertise in search engine optimisation (SEO) and his writing has been featured in The Metro and The Huffington Post. His bubbly personality means he will be very active in approaching clients so we can rank their sites higher up Google and grow their online presence.

On behalf of everyone at Tudor Lodge Consultants, we are thrilled to welcome Daniel to the team and it won’t be long before he becomes a household name.



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