UnsecuredLoans4U SEO Case Study

We are delighted to be working with UnsecuredLoans4U, helping the site rank for a number of key terms relating to unsecured loans and guaranteed loans.


With years of experience in the short term loan industry, we have executed a number of techniques to help rank the site on Google as effectively as possible. This has included changes to:

  • Meta-data
  • H-headings
  • Internal links
  • Inbound links
  • Content creation


We re-wrote the meta-data for the UnsecuredLoans4U website for over 95 pages, with unique meta-titles and meta descriptions for each page, using a healthy range of keywords and consistency with the brand name, ensuring that every meta-title followed the style of (keyword) | (brand name).

This helps Google read and organise the site effectively and allows for some strong consistency through.

H headings

Google likes to see a structured page with sub headings used throughout the landing pages and blogs posts, including one strong <h1> title and a number of <h2> and <h3> titles. We carefully included the relevant keywords on each page and maintained a fine balance, avoiding cannibalisation of keywords.

Internal links

Internal linking between pages is essential for the loans algorithm, creating a healthy user journey and a good way to rank for exact keywords. A good example of an internal link is that Tudor Lodge is a team of SEO consultants.


Inbound links

We have introduced a healthy flow of links from other websites to UnsecuredLoans4U. This includes links from sites that offer news, finance, business and creating an equal and natural flow across the range of landing pages.

Content creation

We also insisted on re-writing all the main landing pages on the website to give the site some fresh content for Google to index – and keeping in with recent algorithm changes of quality over quantity.

Whilst it is early days in the relationship, we are very excited about working with one of the leading brokers in the unsecured loans space and look forward to see some strong rankings on Google for their main terms over the next few weeks.