Sargossa Case Study

Sargossa is a designer stilettos brand based in London, UK. Originally from Denmark, the founder Nanna Liv set up the company with a passion for making footwear that was not only designer and stylish, but very comfortable too. After all, as Nanna says, why should women be limping at the end of the evening? The days of ‘no pain, no gain’ are over and Sargossa have launched a beautiful range of stilettos including ones especially for work, black, gold, platform, pumps and more.


About Sargossa

Founded in 2014, Nanna Liv spent 2.5 years understanding shoe design and comfort, to form the perfect fit and style for fashionable feet. She explained:

Our shoes are different as they include of a super spongy insole (patent pending) to give a huge amount of comfort at the same time as being designed around a base that is made for a woman’s actual foot shape. Each shoe is interlaced with a delicate design, to show off a catwalk worthy shoe that is made for comfort!



What We Are Doing With Sargossa

As a specialist SEO company,  we are very excited to be working with Sargossa and helping them grow their brand online. We started by identifying a number of keywords relating to the business which include stilettos and all the different shapes, forms and colours that they come in.

We then integrated these keywords into the website, through specific landing pages on the Sargossa website, including each page with h tags, meta-titles, descriptions, strong images (with alt text) and more.

We cleaned up the site from a technical perspective, ensuring that all crawl errors were removed and Google was able to index the site effectively through a sitemap and clear code.

We have continued to build up the Sargossa domain by generating regular PR and links from fashion specific websites – boosting the SEO in the process and also generating real traffic to the site.

Our aim is to continue building up the site’s domain whilst also looking to maximise the user experience through lower bounce rates, higher time on site and improvements to the current site speed.

What is important for fashion SEO?

User Experience: When running a fashion site, you ideally want users to stay on the site for a while and browse through the different options. Therefore having low bounce rates and high time on site will be great for SEO, rather than people leaving the site quickly. Some things you can do to facilitate this include having good site speed which is achieved through fast hosting, compressing images, browser caching and other development tools. In addition, having a clear and simple site with good images, a nice customer journey and very mobile and tablet friendly will help you maintain a good user experience.

Social Media: Google likes to see traffic coming from a range of different sources, this includes direct, affiliate and of course social media. Fashion brands will always benefit from a strong social media presence on facebook and recently instagram. The art of sharing is like getting recommendations from friends they know and trust and this can be a great way to acquire customers. The regular flow of traffic from social media can benefit your SEO provided that customers stay on the site and engage well (as per the user experience above). If customers leave the site quickly, they risk having a detrimental effect to their SEO.

Content: As mentioned, it is important to have specific landing pages for every product you wish to target, hence Sargossa created specialist pages for stilettos in black, gold and more. In addition, the use of blog content can help you rank for a lot of key phrases in the industry and it can be another way to attract people to the site. Defining fashion trends and giving fashion advice for very specific things can be hugely beneficial. Examples include:

  • What colours should I wear in summer/winter?
  • What clothes should I wear if I’m tall/short
  • What shoes should you wear for work?
  • What are the fashion trends of 2018?

Links: Links will always be an important part of SEO and Google’s algorithm. Every link you get is like getting a recommendation from another site and Google rewards you accordingly. However, the quality of links has to be to a certain level. If you are a fashion brand, your SEO needs to reflect that – so having links from fashion, business, retail and start up sites is good practice. Having links from random blogs, directories and anything unrelated like food, sports or insurance is not relevant. We always say at Tudor Lodge that your link has to come from a real company, not a fake one – and this is the approach we have taken for Sargossa.

Technical: The technical side of SEO is also important. Sure, you can look at things like html-to-word ratio and the quality of the code but some of the basic technical things that work include having consistently unique meta-titles, meta descriptions, alt text for every image, no crawl errors or broken links. This ensures an effective indexing of the website and will maximise your SEO results.