Quiddi Compare

Quiddi Compare is one of the leading price comparison sites in the UK. Comparing a wide range of payday loans, guarantor loans, peer to peer loans, logbook loans and more, Quiddi and their mascot ‘Squiddi’ are dedicated to helping UK consumers find the best loan products at the best prices available. Their smart search allows customers to put in a few basic details about themselves and they will be matched the most suitable loan product for them. We are very excited about working with Quiddi and adding value to their organic search rankings.

What SEO work we have been doing for them

Until this point, Quiddi has been generating traffic through paid advertising on Google including PPC, Display and Remarketing. We started working with Quiddi in order to boost their rankings on Google for competitive search terms in the loans and credit card industry.

We started by carrying a full keyword analysis to better understand the best keywords in their industry for traffic and conversion. We have added carefully written content to their site for each product they provide – explaining the services that they offer and creating ‘useful information’ on the sidebar of each page. The idea is that Quiddi Compare will become a resource for borrowers to price compare products and understand everything there is to know about the application and loan process. By writing posts to do with the implications of non-repayment and the types of checks that are done, we intend to give users the full picture of what they are applying for. In addition, having highly relevant content in these areas will naturally acquire links over time.

In the future, we plan to add relevant content on a regular basis, especially through the blog to give developments on payday loans and other loan industries. We look forward to adding quality videos, widgets (such as calculators) to add to the user experience (UX). Also, we look forward to creating niche sites in order to provide useful information on the loans industry and generate high quality links which we can add to the site in the future.

Changes in the payday loan industry

The payday loan industry is changing as per new regulation introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority. However, the new developments should favour Quiddi Compare nicely. The role of the payday loan comparison website (PCW) is set to play a bigger role in the industry as lenders are obligated to mention at least one price comparison site on the homepage of their websites, starting from 1st January 2014. The idea is that payday loan borrowers will have more choice before applying for a loan and will be able to price compare and see what other lenders are out there. The regulators hope that new lenders may come into the market and try be more price competitive and this will overall help the consumer. Studies have suggested that borrowers that compare prices effectively may be able to save over £100 a year. This change comes in tandem to a price cap on the payday loan industry where lenders will be capped to charge a rate of 0.8% daily interest which works out to £124 per £100 borrowed, hoping to increase competition on price and lower the cost of a payday loan for the consumer.