My Jar

my-jarWe are delighted to announce that we are working with MyJar, one of the UK’s most established short term lenders. The company, founded in 2008, has funded over 2 million loans, with a total of £405 million lent out. MyJar have developed a great name in the industry, something that has acknowledged with a Trustpilot rating of 9.1 out of 10, with over 4,000 reviews to date.

What We Are Doing For My Jar

Our speciality is SEO, which refers to search engine optimisation and helping companies get to the top of Google. We have specialised for years in the elusive payday loans space, helping companies rank for top positions for terms such as, payday loans and payday lenders in the UK.

As SEO consultants, we approach My Jar with a personal one-to-one consultant who can help the company achieve its goals every step of the way.

The My Jar website already has some history of SEO, so we are using our experience and techniques to make initial tweaks to things like:

  • meta-data
  • site layout
  • link distribution
  • link acquisition

Payday Loans Algorithm

The payday loans algorithm on Google is very competitive and is regularly mentioned in the search press for having a mind of its own. In our experience, we need to find the right balance between content and links. Using content is a great way to engage users and build up your releancy in the industry. However, our first approach is cleaning up the site’s link profile and adding some new, very high authority links to give the site a necessary boost.

As we slowly approach page one of Google for ‘payday loans’ the most competitive and sought-after term with 246,000 visits per month, we aim to expand our strategy to other competitive keywords in the space including short term loans, instalment loans and borrow money online.