Who are Flendr

Flendr is a brand new website in the UK dedicated to borrowing and lending money between family and friends. This concept is not old, we always borrow from the people closest to us as a first port of call. In fact, its a £12bn industry per year – but never has there been a website in the UK that facilitates it.

So Flendr allows you to create a profile page where you can select how much money you need to raise and this can used for:

  • fundraising e.g marathons, fun runs, swimathons
  • group collections e.g gifts, holidays, sports trips, stag and hen weekends
  • loans e.g payday loans, guarantor loans alternative

What work we have done for Flendr

Tudor Lodge Consultants are thrilled to have been involved in the early stages of Flendr and have added value to their digital marketing strategy.

SEO- Since this is our speciality, we have worked alongside Flendr to create dedicated landing pages for their proposition with thorough keyword research. Page examples include:

  • Stag Party Collections
  • Birthday Collections

User Experience and Conversion Optimisation

We have advised how to maximize both SEO results and conversions. We naturally want to include as much quality textual and visual content as possible for the search engines but also want users to convert naturally. Therefore, we have worked closely with Flendr on the design templates, size and positions of conversion rate buttons and as always, emphasized the importance of the mobile and tablet user experience:


Affiliate and Lead Generation

We are continuing to work with Flendr to drive traffic to their new site. Using affiliate marketing, we are working with companies and providing a commission for every sign up partnering with student, gap year, wedding sites and more.