All The Lenders SEO Case Study

All The Lenders is one of the most established websites in the UK for compare payday loans and lenders. Offering a number of comparison tables, customers are able to effectively find the best short term loans for them, based on price, loan duration and loan amount. Such is their authority in the industry, they have been acknowledged with industry awards and have also been listed as an official comparison on the websites of other lenders, as recommended by the FCA.


Our approach

Clean up: A key aspect to good SEO is making sure that the site is clean and optimised including all meta-titles, meta-descriptions, h tags, internal links, sitemaps, crawl errors and more. This was the first thing we actions for All The Lenders which we refer to as the ‘health check.’

Links: Link-building is vital for any SEO campaign, especially in the competitive payday loans algorithm. Not only have we manually removed some of the site’s previous links (by getting in touch with the sites directly), we have also replaced those links with much cleaner, stronger and organic links. This has been achieved through a combination of outreach, interviews and link reclamation.

The Results

The results have been extremely positive and noticeably better for the client. We have achieved top spots for some very good key terms and are working closer and closer towards the bigger volume of ‘payday loans’ which has 246,000 search terms per month in the UK – where we currently sit on page 2.

In fact, our SEO work has seen the site’s traffic double within 6 months, providing a healthy return on investment.