About Us


Tudor Lodge Consultants is a digital marketing consultancy based in North West London. Set up in 2014, we started trading as an alternative to expensive London agencies. More and more companies feel like they are paying too much for services like SEO, PPC and Web Design and they aren’t seeing a positive return on investment. Aspects of digital marketing can be quite complex and business owners sometimes feel unsure of the techniques that their agency is using and the impact it is having on their business.


Our Approach

Working as Consultants, we offer a more personal approach to boosting the online presence of your business. We can work in your offices alongside you, train your staff and you can use us as and when you feel.

In short, you will get better value, a more personal approach and more flexibility than any other agency you will find.

Our Values

We are committed to do what is best for the customer in the most cost-effective way. Rather than just provide SEO or PPC services, we try to empower you and teach you as much as we can about these practices. We like to look at the bigger picture and how our services can add value to your business and your company goals and make you self-sufficient in the future.

We always follow a white-hat approach to SEO to ensure that the cleanest and most organic search methods are achieved in order to limit the effects of Google penalties and external attacks and to create long term sustainability.